Influential pastor, entrepreneur, author, mom and friend

Influential pastor, entrepreneur, author, mom and friend

(A.K.A. Pastor C) is completely committed to restoring the people of God’s faith, families, finances, and futures. She is the founder of Created2Produce, Cassandra Scott Ministries and Founding Senior Pastor of Turning Point Faith Ministries in Houston, Texas where she co-pastors with her brother, Pastor Roscoe Hilliard. The sister-brother team share a desire to help people find their turning points to destiny.

Dr. Scott is humbled by her God-given gifts of teaching, preaching, pastoring, and evangelizing. Yet she delivers in a powerful way through weekly speaking engagements, bible studies, one-on-one mentoring, planned conferences, training, and workshops.

When told by doctors that she could never have children, like Hannah, Pastor Cassandra sought the face of God, and today, by the grace of God, she is a dedicated mother of three beautiful adult children: Daughters: Garelyn Evett and Gabrielle Chrishell, and a handsome son, Gary Emerson II. She’s also the proud mother and grandmother of grand-daughter, Bailey Evett Sauls, and son-in-law, Baron Sauls.

Through her experience with overcoming difficulties in conception and child-bearing, Dr. C uses her gifts both spiritual and physical to help other couples who are having difficulties conceiving to bring forth children. As a result of her experiencing God in this capacity, Dr. C has become a spiritual midwife giving birth to a number of pastors, leaders, directors, authors, preachers, teachers, evangelists, and business professionals. She holds a yearly 9-month boot camp and 3-months of aftercare for individuals who are seeking to ‘Birth their Brilliance.’

An anointed teacher and student of the Word, Pastor C earned her Doctorate, Masters, & Bachelors in Theology at Immanuel Temple School of the Bible founded by the Late Dr. Barbara Wright and accredited by Calvary Theological Seminary & Cornerstone University of Lake Charles, LA. 


Dr. Scott practices empowerment in both the spiritual and physical arena, and has actively participated in community and economic development opportunities with ministries, businesses, organizations, and leaders for over 20 years



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Kingdom Calibration

One detail that makes us unique is our experiences and the calling upon our lives. Habit|Nation speaks to living generations proving a space for all to impact by our faithful God. 



Apostle Carnail Stokes was born on October 11th in Minneapolis, MN. He has been Pastoring and Church Planting for over nine years. Apostle Stokes is the leading Pastor of The Meeting Place located in Minneapolis, MN. Apostle Stokes’ Ministry is becoming internationally recognized as an anointed voice that is merging forces of the prophetic and apostolic mantles. His ministry also expresses the sound of heaven as a prophetic minister of music that penetrates the hearts and spirits of all who seek to know and understand the nature of our Lord intimately and without limitations. Apostle Stokes is known for releasing fire from Heaven upon the Earth and his roaring voice resonates with much power within regions and reaching the into nations. He is a renowned prophetic voice in this generation and beyond.

Being called of God, Apostle Stokes strives to go into regions and establish the Kingdom of God to the glory of God. As a revivalist, Apostle Stokes leads dynamic habitations of the Holy Spirit that manifest supernatural outpourings and impartations of discipleship teaching. He is compelled to empower the lives of believers by revealing and teaching the truths and mysteries of the word of God; by ministering a relevant word with practical application, and demonstrations of power. Apostle Stokes’ Ministry has been marked with life changing encounters of the Lord Jesus. Incessant miraculous testimonies have flooded the lives of people in each region his ministry embarks upon from restoration of families, physical and mental healing, financial breakthrough, debt cancellations, deliverance from oppressing spirits and procurement of land, autos, and homes. With great compassion and conviction, he endeavors to empower and impart into the lives of all who desire it and for all to experience the true love and acceptance of Jesus Christ, The Son of the living God.

Extraordinary apostle, spiritual father, revivalist, entrepreneur, author, son and friend



Apostle Stokes founded Stokes International in 2013.  Stokes International not only marks the beginning of his ministry exploits but it also provides a plethora of services and resources that reaches people in all regions as well as equips them with the tools to fulfill their God given purpose. Apostle Stokes is the author of Yield: The Art of Drawing Closer A 30-Day Devotional. Apostle Stokes has also founded a counseling practice that offers individual, marital, and family counseling and therapy known as Stokes Personal & Family Counseling and Therapy; a spiritual counseling group that was established to empower not just the spirit but the mental health of believers. Apostle Stokes also founded and facilitates an international Sonship training called “Born To Do This” Apostle Stokes has founded and based these ministries on 1 Corinthians 4:20, “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talking but of power." (AMP Bible)


One of the many principals that Apostle Stokes has founded himself on is this," Know that what you see done is not me, but it’s He that lives in me. It’s not my desire to live a life that is full but to live a life that is poured out."- Apostle C. Stokes

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